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We are a northern Utah-based women's trail running group. We started out as a group of 10 in October 2020 and we've already grown to over 600 members. Our group enables runners of all types to take to the trails. It's awesome to see folks who have never trail run before come to the same meetups as those training for 100 milers. We're more than just a running group, but believe that running is the spark that brings our community together.



  • No Drop: This means no one left behind. We will have multiple route options and pace groups based on our meetup locations. No matter the location, we will always have a no-drop pace group with a designated group leader who will encourage walking and make sure no one is left behind.

  • Trail Respect: We will leave the trails better than we found them. If the trails are muddy, we will turn around. If there's trash, we will pick it up. Trail stewardship is core to our mission. We have opportunities every summer for trail maintenance. Check back to learn more!

  • Typical Mileage: Mileage depends on the meetup location. Typically, our route options range anywhere from 3 miles with 400 ft of elevation gain to 7 miles with 1,500 ft of elevation gain. Two or more distance options will be offered at every meetup. If you're not feeling up for the route options offered that day, self-organize and run the mileage that works best for you!

  • Group Size Limits: We will always break up into pace groups of 15 or less and send groups on different trails. Why the limit? We want to minimize our impact on the trails, wildlife and other visitors.

  • Community: Our mission is to encourage all women to take to the trails. We want to make trail running more accessible and empower everyone to feel like a runner. Showing up is the hard part. It doesn't matter if you run or walk. No matter what, we are happy to have you there. We welcome all women-identifying and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space centered around women's running. This group is for more than just running, so stick around after our meetups to socialize and build your community!


If you would like to join our Community, be notified of upcoming events, be added to our listserv and be provided access to our repository, please sign our liability form and share your contact info! Membership is free!

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