Salt Lake City, UT


Every Tuesday at 5:45 pm MT

We meet for a 6.5 mile trail run! The location changes so please check our Instagram and GroupMe for updates!

Every Friday at 7:00 am MT

We meet at Hogle Zoo for options of a 4 or 6 mile trail run with <1k of vert!

Ogden, UT

Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm MT

We meet for a trail run! The location and distance changes so please check the Ogden community GroupMe for updates!

We now offer meetups in Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Draper. All of our meetups are free! 

Draper, UT

Ad Hoc

We meet for trail runs on an ad hoc basis! please check the Draper community GroupMe for updates!


No upcoming events at the moment
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