"When I first moved to SLC in 2019, I struggled to find women to train with. Most of my training partners were male and had different goals than me. I knew women trail runners were out there but didn’t see a channel to foster connections. When forming the group, I wasn’t just looking for training partners, I was looking for a way to connect women and give back to the trails and community that has given me so much. I want women to have a community to rely on for not only training, but weekend trips, volunteering, wine nights, book clubs, trail maintenance and more. Let's have some fun together!" - Meredith Johnson


Meredith Johnson

Founder & Executive Director

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Elsa Jaworksi

Co-Founder & Director of Outreach

Jules_Campanelli_Dir Operations_edited.jpg

Jules Campanelli

Director of Operations

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Rosemary Nicholson

Director of Races


Jo Ann Saab

Director of Athletes

WoW Helpers

In addition to the Board, we have a pool of super amazing helpers who support our special events, meetups, partnerships, and more.


We'll be accepting new WoW helpers in Spring 2023! 

We know interest and availability comes and goes so WoW helpers are added to a pool and you can answer our asks for support as you see fit. If you have an idea and are chomping at the bits, we want to empower you to run with it. You'll coordinate with one of our Board members to ensure your idea aligns with the mission of WoW and to coordinate calendars. 

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